Dubai takes the lead in piloting flying taxis flying is no longer a dream!

Dubai takes the lead in piloting flying taxis “flying” is no longer a dream!, August 7. According to foreign media reports, the development of flying taxis has long been a solution to the problem of future urban traffic congestion.For a long time, companies such as Airbus have been working hard to develop relevant plans.Today, Dubai will be the first to begin a test run of the flight.  It is reported that the predicted future is not to run on the ground or fly in the air, at least in Dubai.As a model to solve the traffic congestion problem in many big cities, Dubai is the first to start a five-year trial run of German-made flying taxis.It was a huge success for Volocopter, a German startup based near Karlsruhe.  It is reported that flying taxis and helicopters rise and land vertically.Amazing dreams of new technology come true.The air taxi that will be commissioned in Dubai can carry 18 circular propellers and can carry 2 passengers.  Unlike the original prediction, this flying taxi is not driverless but operated by a pilot.A person in charge of the Dubai administration said when the formal expansion of the use of alternative manufacturers was expected and whether the necessary laws were in place to operate autonomous aircraft.  Because although the world is racing to develop such a transport, there is no previous experience with large-scale use of flying taxis at low altitude.This highly anticipated new type of expectation still faces many problems, both technical and bureaucratic.In addition, both passengers and drivers need to break through psychological barriers.  Captain Markus Wahl of the German Pilots’ Federation stated that I would never take this flying taxi.He can imagine how terrible the fact that the aircraft lost control of the passengers in the event of a radio system failure.  However, the flying taxi market is seen as having great potential.More than a dozen companies worldwide are developing related technologies.A few years ago, Terrafugia’s first flying taxi was available.Uber Passenger Services is also interested in such future taxis.  Airbus Europe is also actively developing.Airbus has developed an unmanned flying taxi with a cabin above the landing gear and propellers mounted on the front and rear.This unmanned flying taxi automatically flies with smartphone instructions to land at the landing site.According to current plans, the flying taxi will be launched this year.  Most flying taxis are designed with an electric motor to drive multiple small instead of one large propeller.Battery is currently a weak link in flying taxis, and its use time is only up to 30 minutes.  The trial run of Dubai’s flying taxis will be carried out with the assistance of the UAE’s state-run public 西安耍耍网 transport management agency RTA and the airline DCAA.  Dubai will build and land specifically for flying taxis.The United Arab Emirates, which has a population of about 2 million, plans to bring this flying drone to a quarter of its full ownership by 2030. Original title: “Flying” travel is no longer a dream!Dubai pilots pilot flying taxi